Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!

Amplify Your Vote!

Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!

Amplify Your Vote!

How the San Diego's Voters' Voice Initiative Works

 San Diego's Voters' Voice Initiative is a voter initiated referendum. There are other similar programs that have been implemented recently, notably the city of Seattle, Washington.  


Limit Special Interests' Money



Engage more citizen participation in the democratic process by making it possible for every voter to be a campaign donor.

Represent San Diego



Enable qualified candidates who lack the wealth or support of big donors to compete for municipal office.

Increase Transparency



Establish an up-to-date City of San Diego web site for voters to easily access electoral information, campaign contributions and expenditures in real time.

 Public financing of elections reduce corruption by ensuring that no particular donor has an out sized influence on the outcome of any election. San Diego's Voters' Voice Initiative seeks to bring public financing of elections to our city. Our initiative will level the playing field and give every eligible voter the opportunity to join the donor class.  The vehicle for this transformation is Democracy Dollars. 
How it Works

  1. Provide every registered voter in the City of San Diego four $25 Democracy Dollars Certificates in the mail.
  2. To qualify Candidates must showing grass roots support by

  • collecting a minimum of qualified signatures and contributions
  • For Mayor $10 from 600 eligible voters.
  • For Candidates for City Attorney and City Council signatures a $10 from at least 200 eligible voter.
  • agreeing to new voluntary contribution limits ($500 for Mayor and $250 for City Attorney or City Council),
  • participating in cablecast and live stream debates.

             3.  Voters assign Democracy Dollars to Candidates.               

             4.  A Democracy Fund Administrator verifies signatures and gives each campaign their Democracy Dollars.               

             5.  Public reports on the City’s Public Access Portal shall provide transparency for the Democracy Dollars and all campaign      contributions and expenditures.                

              6.  Participating candidates can use a logomark, a symbol signifying that they are participating candidate, on printed literature and television media and the logomark would be prominently displayed by the candidate’s name on the ballot. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Democracy Dollars Program is unique in that the “public” funds go directly to voters. 

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How Do Candidates Qualify?


 Candidates must quality to receive Democracy Dollars by showing public support for their candidacy. 

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How Does Voters’ Voice Initiative Work?


 Democracy Dollars are simple. Each coupon is good for a $25 contribution to a candidate you choose. 

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Written by Doug Porter

 The time-honored paean of American Democracy, the vote of the people, has become more like a sad song. Computer crafted voting districts, corporations recognized as people, and racism-fueled claims of fraud have all weakened the most basic franchise afforded people fortunate enough to be recognized as citizens.

None of these ploys are new. Thanks to technology, the scale at which they are deployed is unparalleled. The aim, as always, is to tamp down challenges to the status quo. 

In San Diego, activists are putting the finishing touches on a proposal pushing back against the current wave of electoral cynicism by enabling broader participation in the process where it counts the mo$t. 

Indulge me for a few paragraphs here as I set the scene before explaining how the concept of Democracy Dollars would change the local political landscape. 

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Words & Deeds

 Keeping up with the progress in San Diego progressive politics. 

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