I am a VOTER. I just received a Democracy Dollar postcard. What do I do?

 Think of this postcard as an opportunity to practice using Democracy Dollars for a future election.  

Democracy Dollars will be certificates used to support the candidate(s) of your choice running for office in San Diego.  They level the playing field, allowing every voter to be a campaign donor.

At the beginning of the election, you will receive your certificates in the mail.  Then it’s time to get to know your candidates.  You can read about them, attend debates or forums, or participate in campaign events.  Once you decide which candidate you believe will best represent you, you’ll be able to influence their success by giving them your Democracy Dollars to fund their campaign.

Please give this sample Democracy Dollar postcard to a candidate you support, and encourage them to champion the Democracy Dollar initiative when they are elected.

I am a CANDIDATE. I just received a Democracy Dollar postcard. What do I do?

 This sample Democracy Dollar certificate is from a voter who believes public financing is the honest way to campaign for office. 

Democracy Dollars will be certificates that you receive from members of your community in San Diego to fund your political campaign.  They make every registered voter a campaign donor. 

Once you qualify to run for municipal office in the city of San Diego as a Democracy Dollar candidate, you will be eligible to receive campaign funds from all the voters in your community who believe you are the best candidate to represent them and want to support your campaign.  

 We hope that you will champion Democracy Dollars as you campaign in the community and will work to bring the program to San Diego voters when you are elected.

How do I know what district I am in?

 There are 9 council districts in the city of San Diego.  If you are not sure of your District, click below and enter your address in the upper right hand corner. 

Who's running in my district?

 The Voters' Voice Initiative is for candidates running for City Council, City Attorney and Mayor.   

There are many candidates running for each office.  You can see a full list of candidates here.

Why is my district not on the list?

All registered voters in the city of San Diego can vote for Mayor and City Attorney.  However, in 2020, only odd-numbered districts are having elections.   If you are in an even-numbered district, you can find out who represents you until the next election in 2022 at the following link.